Discovering and Defining YOUR Personal Style

There are a LOT of rules and facts when it comes to looking smart or stylish.

Rules about the best colours or the worst shapes or the wrong lengths.

And there’s a tonne of information out there –  most of it contradictory or confusing and just plain unhelpful – about these rules. I know, because so many of my clients came to having looked for them, desperate to know how to sort their wardrobes out and feel better about themselves and their appearance.

But you know what they say about rules, right?

They are made to be broken!

Now how the hell does that help you? Let me explain…

When it comes to looking good in your clothes – not fashionable or trendy – looking GOOD, the singularly most important factor is that the outfit you are wearing suits YOU.

Not the BODY you. The INNER you. The ‘you\ you are on the inside with all your likes and dislikes and little quirks and foibles that are so uniquely YOU.

And let’s be honest. Any Fashion Guru could you tell that frills are ‘on point’ this year (what does that even mean?) but that doesn’t mean that YOU are gonna enjoy wearing them.

Any stylist could tell you what style jeans to wear to flatter your bodyshape but let’s face it, if you don’t like skinny jeans it doesn’t matter how much they flatter you, you’re never gonna wear ‘em cos you never liked them in the first place!

This is what I mean.

There are rules.

But I prefer to call them GUIDELINES. Because Coco had it so right when she said the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.

And that’s exactly what this program is about. It IS about learning these guidelines about colour and shape and proportions – the science of what looks good and why.

But more than that, it’s about reconnecting with who you REALLY are, how you want to show up in the world, and using these guides to create a look that you absolutely LOVE.

This is no shallow, surface level preaching about what neckline or what colour combos to wear (although of course we do cover all those things).

We go deep. Deep down and far back to when you were less afraid, more confident and had a vision about who you wanted to be. We’re rediscovering and reconnecting with that girl you once were – we’re going to find her, and encourage her back to the light and dress in a way that brings so much joy and happiness and confidence.

This is where the magic happens.

And it’s not about weight. Or money. Or what you do for a living. Or whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to lose the baby weight. It’s not about having enough time or waiting til after that you’ve moved/got promoted/been on holiday or whatever event is in your way.

It’s about saying YES.


Because YOU are so worth it!

Take this journey with me. 6 weeks of the practical stuff coupled perfectly with the ‘other’ stuff. The head stuff. The stuff that REALLY holds us back.

We’ll look at where negative feelings have come from, and how to safely bid them farewell.  I’ll show you WHY you feel less than beautiful and I’ll PROVE to you just how GORGEOUS you are.

Together, we’ll explore that real, inner you and find out how you want to appear to the world.  And then we’ll make that a reality.

Through a series of classes, workbooks and printables I will teach you all you need to know to discover and define YOUR personal style, and create a look you love.

I guarantee your life will be forever changed.

A special offer for members of the Out With The Old wardrobe challenge members when purchased before 1st February 2018

**Special Offer**


(Normal Price – £347)


Bonus #1 The Palette Guide (Value £47)

Everything you need to know about colour theory including undertone, depth and chroma to enable you to wear and coordinate colours with ease.

Bonus #2 The Profile Guide (Value £47)

Everything you need to know about body shape including scale, height and proportions, which cut/style/fabrics are the most flattering and how to create a visual illusions with the clothes you wear.

Bonus #3 The Personality Guide (Value £47)

The simplest way to understand the core personalities of style and how to reflect those in the clothes you buy and wear so that head to toe, you are always dressed for the occasion.

Bonus #4 The Busy Woman’s Guide to Perfect Packing (Value £67)

Whether you’re heading to the city for a romantic getaway for 2, or flying off with the family to spend a week on the beach, this foolproof guide to packing for your holidays will have you saving a fortune in extra luggage costs and you won’t come home admitting you only wore half the clothes you took.  Learn which key items to take with you and how to create multiple outfits appropriate for the holiday you’re enjoying.

Bonus #5 2 x 1:1 Calls With Sam Bell (Value £127)

Exclusive, personal calls with Sam to discuss the finer details of your Style Solution journey.


Start your Style Solution today for just £247


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